Ice Samurai LED Watch

July 22, 2013Posted by Kevin White


Ice Samurai, is very visually appealing. It looks to be a bracelet when just looking at it, and then you hit the top button to display the time. My friends were all pretty amazed when the readable blue LED lights illuminated the time, as they thought it was a nice new bracelet. 

Setting up the watch for Time and Date is very simple. The watch did not come with instructions, but only having two buttons, shouldn't cause you any issues. The top button will display the time, hit the button again and it will display the date, hit the button again and it displays the seconds of the minute. 

Dozen Ice Samurai LED Watch

Now for the bottom button and how to change the time and date. If you hit the top button to display the time, and while the display is lit up, you can hit the bottom button to then change the hour. After you have changed the hour, this the bottom button again, and you can change the minutes. Just after you change the minutes, you can then hit the bottom button again and you will be able to change the date, and so on. 

I personally love this wrist watch, and I love how clear the LED's display the time. During a nice sunny day outside, you would imagine it would be hard to make out the time, but don't doubt Dozen. The LED's are fully readable in the sun, and in other heavy lighting conditions.