EasyAcc 16000mAh Power Bank

January 29, 2014Posted by Kevin White


The biggest power bank we have reviewed so far, the EasyAcc power bank sports a 16000mAh battery, 3 fast charging ports, and has a quick rapid charge for both your smart devices and itself.

The "rapid" charge, quickly and efficiently charge the power bank and achieves a full battery in less time than other banks. After a full charge, you can have three smart devices charging at the same time and in quick speeds also using the rapid charge.

The 16000mAh power bank features blue notification LED's to let you know the charge level of the battery. Once your smart device is connected to the power bank, the lights will shut off, but your device is still charging. This helps save every last bit of power and focus it onto your chargeable device.

EasyAcc 16000mAh Power Bank

Being the biggest (16000mAh) power bank we have tested, we were surprised to see the included charger wasn't a MicroUSB cable, but an actual outlet power adapter. This is actually not a bad thing and you will notice the difference in charge speeds.

The size of this power bank is definitely larger than most we have reviewed, but it's still in a nice compact size (given the 16000mAh battery inside) and can easily be packed away for vacation or placed in a larger pocket for other occasions.

EasyAcc always packages everything for you. They include the power adapter, USB cables, and all the differen't inputs for older and newer smart devices. Take this unit anywhere with you and you can guarentee a full charge to all of your devices, especially when you might need it most.

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