EasyAcc Bluetooth Headset

January 4, 2014Posted by Kevin White


The Bluetooth headset from EasyAcc is stylish and functions exactly how you want it to. With it's small design, it's hard to notice in the ear and that is a good thing.

The headset is rechargeable with a microUSB cable (provided by EasyAcc) and has a long battery life (Up to 5 hours of continuous play) and can charge while in use, which makes it even more efficient.

On the headset, you will notice the charging port for the microUSB, Volume + and Volume -, and the power button. Make sure to hold in the power button for around 8 seconds to pair correctly. Also, you can adjust the volume with your paired smartphone or press the Volume +/- for your custom level.

EasyAcc uses Bluetooth 4.0 with this headset, and it is noticably faster than average Bluetooth 2.1 devices. Calling someone to test this headset out revealed that the MIC used is excellent and the speaker has a crisp clear sound as well.

EasyAcc Bluetooth Headset

To answer a call with this headset, just press the main button (Power Button) when the call comes in and it will automatically connect to the conversation. It's that easy!

The EasyAcc Bluetooth headset also features music replay or music skip. Using the Volume + button, hold for 3 seconds and it will replay the current song, or use the Volume - button, hold for 3 seconds and it will skip the current song. This is a really nice feature so you don't need to see or use your smartphone or Bluetooth capable device.

EasyAcc throws in a microUSB charging cable, 2X ear hooks, 3X eartip pairs, and a car charger, all in one package.

Overall, the headset was extremely lightweight and I barely noticed it in my ear. Great sound and from what I could tell, the MIC worked great as well. This is definitely a great Bluetooth headset solution.

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