EasyAcc Energy Cube Bluetooth Speaker

January 14, 2014Posted by Kevin White


The Energy Cube is a very unique and fun looking Bluetooth speaker. I really enjoy using this speaker because of how it looks and the quality of the sound.

The Energy Cube from EasyAcc is a Bluetooth speaker that looks futuristic and something out of a Sci-Fi movie. The cube lights up with a blue LED when a Bluetooth device is connected to it, flashes the blue LED when it's not connected, and has a red LED when the device is charging.

The speaker has a built in USB rechargeable battery that has a very long play life. You can also charge the speaker while using it to play your favorite songs. This means you can keep the party going for longer!

EasyAcc Energy Cube

EasyAcc has a few Bluetooth speakers and the Energy Cube has really great sound. The maximum volume is extremely loud and I didn't hear as much distortion as I have heard from other Bluetooth speakers. The sound quality was nice and crisp and the bass levels were what you would expect from a small Bluetooth speaker.

The Energy Cube speaker also features the AUX port to make those non Bluetooth devices compatible and still able to listen to your music. In addition to the AUX port, there is an answer phone button/function with the Energy Cube, as it has a built in MIC.

The Energy Cube gives off a fun, non radioactive energy, that will keep you going as long as it does! Play your favorite music from your tablet, smartphone or other Bluetooth devices, or use the AUX port. EasyAcc gives you the AUX cable and a MicroUSB cable for charging.

EasyAcc has the complete package for the Energy Cube Bluetooth Speaker.

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