EasyAcc Bookshelf Bluetooth Speaker

December 16, 2013Posted by Kevin White


EasyAcc have a few Bluetooth speaker devices and this is one of the more stylish ones. The white bookshelf speaker has a nice sleek and classy design, quality speakers, AUX functionality, and Bluetooth.

The speakers use 3 Watts each for a total of a 6 Watt speaker set. The sound and music that emits from these speakers are quality and can handle increased volume for the young ones.

On the back of this device, you will notice that you can insert an SD card (TF) for your very own playlist, USB port for charging the chargeable and long lasting battery (up to 15 hours), and the AUX port to make all of your non Bluetooth devices playable as well.

EasyAcc Bookshelf Bluetooth Speaker

On the front of the bookshelf speakers, you will notice the Power On/Off button, Volume + and Volume -. These buttons are very easy to get use to, and since there aren't too many, it's less confusing.

Since these speakers have a battery life up to 15 hours, you could take it to the beach, use it while camping, in the car, or even during power outages. This Bluetooth speaker combined with a power bank makes charging and listening an effortless and mobile combination.

EasyAcc includes the USB charging cable and the AUX cable so right out of the box this unit is good to go. These speakers are mobile or stationary and are effective in both situations.

The volume can get loud enough if you are hosting a party, background music, or you could even connect it to other speakers using the AUX port. Adding these speakers into your home could enhance your den, study, kitchen, and bedroom, as well as adding the speakers into your office. Connect your Bluetooth compatible device by turning on Bluetooth and syncing with the speakers or use the AUX cable to any other music device.

I have used the EasyAcc Bookshelf Bluetooth Speakers with my retro record player and I have loud, crisp, vintage music to listen to. Check EasyAcc Bluetooth speaker lineup!

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