EasyAcc 15000mAh Power Bank

September 9, 2013Posted by Kevin White


The devices from EasyAcc known as power banks have really expanded. This device is full of features and functions extremely well with all USB chargeable devices. 

The Power Bank 15000 mAh from EasyAcc is absolutely worth the money. This device features 3 USB ports for max charging of your USB peripherals and also features a 12V port to charge tablets/netbooks. The USB ports on this device are excellent and very stable. I didn't have any connectivity issues with this unit and charged multiple devices with a single charge. 

EasyAcc 15000mAh Power Bank

My favorite ability with this device is the 12V port for your tablets and netbooks. You are able to charge these devices while mobile and you don't need to make sure your car is with you. My tablet is the Acer A500 and isn't able to be charged through USB, so this was a huge deal maker for me. It's a good clean charge and it doesn't take long for my tablet to be at full charge. 

The Power Bank 15000 from EasyAcc is the most powerful power bank I have used from them so far. The others worked excellent, but having 3 USB ports and a 12V charging port definitely has it's advantages. EasyAcc also has plenty of cords and interchangeable connectors to make sure that your device is supported. The only device that you wouldn't find a connector for would be the iPhone 5 because of the new port interface. 

It's a bigger unit than the others I have used, but not by much. I was actually imagining this to be a larger unit, given the amount of devices you can charge at one time. I have used other Power Banks from other companies and EasyAcc has a good clean fast charge that allows you to get the fullest out of your devices. I know I always keep a few charged in case of power outages or you need to leave and you don't have time to charge your phone. 

I would say that the EasyAcc Power Bank 15000 is definitely worth the money as it does the job and excels at giving you an opportunity to charge other devices at the same time.

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