EasyAcc Qi-Enabled Wireless Charger

November 21, 2013Posted by Kevin White


This little device will make it possible to ditch the USB cable and still get an efficient charge.

The Qi-enabled wireless charger is only compatible with Qi-enabled smart phones or smart phone cases. The smart phone I used was the Nokia Lumia 928 as the phone comes with Qi-enabled standard with the body. It truly is as simple as putting the phone on the charging pad and walking away. The close you are to the Qi icon, the better and faster it will charge.

The top of the charger has a slip resistant cover and helps prevent your smart phone from sliding off while charging. The charger also has two LED's on each side that are indicators for charging. One blue LED to notify you the device is on, and a second blue LED to notify you that the device is charging your smart phone. Once your smart phone is fully charged, the second blue LED will stop blinking and will become constant.

EasyAcc Qi-Enabled Wireless Charger

I thought it was a nice feature that in addition to the two blue notification LED's there is also a red LED to notify you that the smart phone currently placed on the charging pad is not compatible and will not be charged. I am sure doing a general search for Qi-enabled phone cases for your smart phone will get you some results.

The output of the Qi-enabled wireless charger is a 5V/1A and my Nokia Lumia 928 recognized the charge almost instantly. The Qi wireless charger requires 1 outlet and comes with the AC adapter. I think you will see a jump in Qi related items and phone cases so everyone can utilize this great technology.

I really enjoyed using this device and I didn't have any issues with using it. Just make sure you have a Qi enabled smart phone or smart phone case, otherwise it will not work.

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