Etekcity High Accuracy Handheld pH Pen Tester

April 7, 2014Posted by Kevin White


The pH testing pen is an excellent device to test the water you are drinking or using to feed your plants. The pen comes with two buffer powder packet solutions to calibrate the pen and increase the accuracy of the pH reading.

The case the pen comes in is very sturdy and carries a flat head screwdriver along with the pen and instructions. The screwdriver will help make the accuracy of your pen even more accurate as you can adjust the "trimmer" to help get the calibrated reading.

Etekcity pH Testing Pen

When you remove the cap, you will notice the electrode that gives you the pH level and when you place the pen into the water for a reading, don't exceed what the cap protects. The electrode is replaceable, but should be fine for a long time unless damaged.

The pen has a removable top, this is where the batteries are located. The batteries are replaceable, but are suggested to have long battery life. Using the pH testing pen a few times, we haven't noticed any battery life decrease or performance decrese at this time.

The pH testing pen is perfect if you are curious about your tap water, testing your swimming pool, aquarium water testing, or any other device/appliance that uses water. This device will test for the acidity or alkalineity of the water you are using. Make sure you look up what pH level your particular testing scenario requires.

The pen offers a digital display for the pH level readout, protective cap to cover the electrode, and a pocket friednly holder. This pen also features ATC (Automatic Temperature Control) as well as the solution to calibrate your pen. Make sure you calibrate this pen with the given solutions to get the most accurate read out.

Read the instructions on how to calibrate the pen with the solutions and afterwards, you will be ready to test. Read the instructions also to find out the best method of testing the liquids as well. All of this comes in a nice carrying case that isn't too large to include with other equipment.