EZ Breathe Atomizer Asthma Inhaler

April 7, 2014Posted by Kevin White


The EZ Breathe Atomizer is an OTC (Over the Counter) Asthma inhaler and offers an affordable solution to asthma symptoms. The atomizer uses liquid medication that consists of Asthmanefrin and atomizes the liquid into a spray that can be easily inhaled. Inhaling this medication can relieve symptoms of asthma and return your normal breathing.

Use this device when you are experiencing problems with your breathing, like wheezing and restricted air supply to your lungs. The spray works almost immidiately and will give you your deep breathing back.

EZ Breathe Atomizer

They instruct you not to inhale more than three times during one session and I agree with this statement. The medication that you breathe in will also increase your heart rate (not a scary amount) and you will notice a small surge of energy.

This device is a little large to carry around for emergency purposes, but it definitely does come in handy. The way I feel after taking a dose of the EZ Breathe medication is great as I can breathe deeper and better without any restrictions. This should last for a very long time and I usually only have to use once a day. Sometimes when I have to use twice is when I am in direct contact with certain allergens.

When you open the EZ Breathe Atomizer and put the batteries in, open up a medication and squeeze into the medication cup. Seal it and clamp it shut so no liquid can seep out and press the power button. The EZ Breathe Atmoizer works almost instantly and inhaling a few puffs should fix your breathing irritation.

Using the EX Breathe, you must beware of the cleaning procedure for this device. There are a lot of users on forums and fellow Asthma/Inhaler users complaining because of these devices breaking only a few months in. Make sure you read the instructions fully before you use this device and also read and re read the cleaning instructions. Cleaning this device and keeping it clean will ensure the devices long survival.

When cleaning this device, use 3 parts water and 1 part white vinegar, or you can use distilled water. I have tried dunking the entire medication cup into the solution for cleaning and it worked on cleaning it out, but eventually suffered too much damage. I eventually tried the 3 parts water and 1 part white vinegar in moderation inside of the medication cup and turned the power on. The vinegar helps clean the inside of the cup and utlizing the atomizer helps clean the outside while it's on. I have maximized the life on my EZ Breathe Atomizer with this cleaning technique and suggest you read up on the cleaning.

As long as this device is properly cared for, it should last a long time for you to use and decrease your asthma attacks. The medication comes with the EZ Breathe Atomizer, but they also sell refill packages. Check with your doctor if you have any concerns and this is a device for people with Astham and Asthma symptoms.