GoPro Hero3 Black Edition - HD Action Camera

February 12, 2014Posted by Kevin White


The GoPro Hero3 Black Edition is the best model of the Hero3's. This model is equipped and ready for the most action packed events you can throw together. With the amazing amount of mounts and accessories, GoPro's can make it anywhere.

The GoPro Hero3 Black Edition comes with a waterproof enclosure and a few mounts to get you started. The Hero3 also comes with the Wi-Fi remote and charger and the remote is waterproof as well. GoPro has a total of 3 function buttons, an LCD and two LED notification lights. On the back of the GoPro camera, you will find a removable battery, and an expansion slot. Also found will be the removable side that reveals the HDMI output and USB charging/communication port and the MicroSD slot.

GoPro Hero3 Black Edition

The front of the GoPro Hero3 has the Power/Mode button. Holding in the power button will turn on the camera, and then pressing the mode button will flow through the options. Using the Top button to select the modes you are wanting it is also used to start the recording manually or snap photos. The side button is to activate the Wi-Fi option, it's an amazing use of Wi-Fi and has a long range signal, but be warned it will eat up your battery.

This camera is so compact in size, it's amazing how you can get such great quality. This GoPro Hero3 Black Edition shoots in multiple formats with different viewing angles as well as frame rates.

GoPro Hero3 Black Edition shoots in:

4K resolution at 15 FPS, 2.7K Resolution at 30FPS, 1440p Resolution at 48FPS, 1080p Resolution at 60FPS, 1080p Resolution at 30FPS, and 720p Resolution at 120FPS. A wide variety of amazing resolution and capture speeds.

With the larger resolution formats, the angle of the lens gets wider. Make sure you setup the camera how you want before you set out to play.

The GoPro Hero3 has an extremely unique and great feature using Wi-Fi. Using Wi-Fi from the camera itself, you can view the video feed live from a PC, Laptop, Tablet, or smart device. The Hero 3 doesn't have a video LCD for viewing, but they do make an accessory that attaches to the back of the Hero 3.

On the front LCD, the camera shows the battery level, the resolution and framerate you are capturing at, lens type, recording duration, and the video/picture setting you have on currently.

The remote functions off of the Hero3's Wi-Fi and has the same LCD. You can set this camera up while it's ready to head in for action and start/stop recording or even take pictures. Since it uses the Wi-Fi, it keeps a great signal even at longer distances.

The Hero3 also has a 12MP image sensor and great low light capabilities and has a decent performing mic for audio. There are different housings you can get that will help you with your audio capture.

Looking to capture high speed action, or setup for a beautiful time lapse? No matter what you are looking to record, the GoPro fits every solution. It's small in size, comes waterproof, and has any mount you could think of.

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