Silicondust HDHomerun Prime TV Tuner

September 17, 2013Posted by Kevin White


To start off, if you have a cable card from your cable provider, the HDHomerun Prime will need a second cable card. In case you don't have a cable card, but you still have digital cable with a coaxial output or OTA antenna, you can still use this device. 

I absolutely loved how simple and awesome this product was. I didn't have a cable card as I only have basic digital cable, but I was still able to put this device to excellent use. I had placed the coaxial end to the back of the HD HomeRun PRIME and tightened it in, I then put a network Ethernet cable into the router and then into the HD HomeRun PRIME, and then I plugged in the power supply. 

HDHomerun Prime

My HTPC doesn't have a CD-ROM drive, but SiliconDust makes it very easy as they have the required software on their website. I downloaded the appropriate software for the HDHomeRun PRIME that I had, installed and I was then prompted to scan my channels. This device supports of to 3 tuners and can all be programmed differently. 

Since I only had the one connection coming in, I selected the digital cable option and it started scanning. The end result was to my amazement! I had 25 channels that come in crystal clear. I don't have to worry about bothering with the input on my TV as I am running the HDHomerun PRIME on my network and using Windows Media Center. The HDHomeRun PRIME also has a program installed called "Quick TV" and that can be brought up on your computer starting in a "windowed" mode that can be turned into full screen.

Another exciting part, since the cable was being sent to my network, I could get the 25 channels anywhere in my apartment. I could record TV and have all the simple controls you have with a regular DVR box. This only enhances your HTPC or any PC because you no longer need an expensive TV Capture Card. With upcoming support for Android OS and PS3, the HDHomerun Prime will be accessible to so much more. Support with Smart TV's could enhance a home theater expereince with limited cables connected.

Since I have the HTPC, I can also use my HDHomeRun PRIME with XBMC as they have built in support for this device. I loved how easy it was to put together, scan for channels, and instantly I was watching all the channels I had been missing. Another huge factor of using my HTPC and using HDHomeRun's software, I am able to fully enjoy the 5.1 surround sound HD Channels that are offered.