HooToo Hard Drive Docking Station

July 16, 2013Posted by Kevin White


The USB 3.0 Hard Drive Docking Station is fantastic. It works very well and very fast. It only fits one way into the unit when dealing with your hard drive, so do not worry about breaking anything. After you put your SATA hard drive in the port, and plugged the unit in, you noticed the release button turns blue for a Power On status notification. You can push this button down to give the hard drive a safe and easy quick release. 

HooToo Hard Drive Docking Station

This unit is very simple and easy to use. Plug in the power, plug in either the USB 3.0 or the e/SATA connection, and done. You have yourself a very pleasing hard drive docking station. This only offers a single Hard Drive dock where I have seen many others that offer the dual aspect. I have had my fair share of failing dock stations as well, and I think keeping it to one hard drive per dock will prevent future power issues, and communication issues. 

After I plugged in the power and connected the USB to my USB 3.0 hub (Compliments of HooToo) Windows immediately recognized my hard drive and I was able to use it. Since it was very quick to install, I wanted to be impressed by the USB 3.0 aspect of it as well. I started to transfer files over to clear out one of my other hard drives, and it was extremely fast. 

I have used other Hard Drive Docking stations before, and this one although has many less features, it focuses on the primary aspect of the unit, and works flawless.

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