HooToo Wireless N Repeater

June 26, 2013Posted by Kevin White


First I would like to say how amazingly easy this was to setup. it was so quick, I was up and running in minutes. There are a couple of ways to setup this device, but the best part would be it requires a simple unused wall outlet.

You can use an RJ45 cable and log in to set it up, you can plug it in and wirelessly access it, and you can even hold in the WPS button until it grabs the signal and starts projecting. Just make sure you log into to setup the network password. Make sure you keep those pirates away from all yee treasure!

HooToo Wireless N Repeater

I wanted to point out that aesthetically it works when you have it in a tucked away wall socket, and even out in the open its not too bad. The lights aren't too bright either, maybe a nice night light for the hall way.

This little device is so easy, yet so powerful! After I connected the device to the wall outlet, I held in the WPS button for an easy connect. I hopped onto my laptop, changed my network to the wireless repeater signal, and it was good to go. After I set it up, I wanted to make sure to keep the pirates out (as so should you) and I logged into This is the default home address to change the settings. Extremely easy setup if you select the setup wizard, and all you have to do is type in your wireless network key. Bam! Done!

This is such a great device for any home that might suffer weak signals on different floors or different rooms.

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