HTC One Android Smartphone

January 14, 2014Posted by Kevin White


The HTC One (and I say this a lot) is one of my favorite phones! This smartphone is packed full of features, including an update feed that is ready to sync all of your social media, or your favorite news feeds.

The HTC One has a 4.7 inch screen and has a full HD 1080p display. It utilizes the Snapdragon 600 quad core processor and it's extemely speedy! The version I have boasts 32GB of internal storage and has 2GB of RAM. Flowing through the multiple home screens and updates is very fluid and I haven't had any issues.


This is a 4G LTE network capable smartphone and runs Android 4.3. I don't know when the newest "Kit Kat" will be coming out, but HTC One will be sure to receive the newest update. Running Android gives you full access to the Google Play Store and this phone can handle it all.

HTC One has an HTC UltraPixel rear camera with optic image stabilization and a dedicated HTC ImageChip 2. Besides the specs, you should know that this camera takes beautiful pictures. With multiple camera settings in the given software, you can accomplish photographer status pictures and share them directly with your social media apps instantly. The front facing camera has a 2.1 megapixel camera and works very nicely as well.

This phone actually makes me want to take more photos and videos. A quick two step process and I am at my camera ready to take a crisp clear picture and then send it off to the masses. The camera is nice and thin as well and doesn't feel bulky in your pocket, even with a case on it.

HTC has really put the work in on this phone. Seemless integration and syncing with almost any type of app or account you could think of really makes this a productive smartphone.

They also have included Beats Audio in the HTC One and the sound quality from the phone alone is great. Hook it up to a Bluetooth speaker and you will be impressed by the quality as well!

I love the alluminum back to this solid phone. It has a large screen, but not too large, fits perfectly in my hand, and has a beautiful display while playing games or videos. With perfect integration and account syncing, and HTC's personal touch, this phone can't be messed with!

Keeping me updated with news, social media, work productivity, and an extremely fun and functional phone, I have to say this has been a hell of a phone. HTC's personal touch really sells this phone besides the nice specs it holds.

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