i-Interactor With i-Cam and i-Pen - Interactive Whiteboard

August 7, 2013Posted by Kevin White


The Lonestar i-Interactor is a perfect tool for many people who use projectors to present their information. The i-Cam, i-Pen, and software will create a smart board type presentation and is very functional.

The i-Cam is a nice little camera that has suction cup feet so you can make sure it stays stationary along with the projector. You will need it to be on the same level as the projector, because it's with the i-Cam you are able to use the i-Pen. The i-Cam has a USB port in the back for easy connectivity and plugs right into your laptop or desktop. Then install a VGA or HDMI cable from your laptop/computer to the projector. Once you have installed the camera into your laptop or computer and have the computer into the projector, you can then install the software that comes with the two units. The software is very easy to install and gives you multiple icons on your desktop. 

i-Interactor i-Pen i-Cam

The i-Interactor Control Panel will help you sync or calibrate your camera to the projected image coming from your projector. There are two ways of calibrating the camera to the projector. The first way allows you to use the i-Pen and tap the circles that display in the corners and middle of the screen area. I felt it worked pretty well, but when it was calibrated it felt off. I then re calibrated the settings with the automatic setting and it displays a checkerboard on the screen and automatically adjusts. After I used this, it worked perfectly. 

After the screen is calibrated and everything is working, you need to get the i-Pen working with the device. It requires two triple A batteries and comes with extra sheaths for the LED tip. The i-Pen has a couple of different buttons that do different things. Connected to the tip of the i-Pen is the basic "right click" function of the device. You also have a page up button and page down button. 

You can run the program "Screen Pen" and it applies a white background and a option panel to the right. You can select a pen setting and different thickness and start writing on the wall. Of course the i-Pen is not a real pen so you don't have to worry about actual writing on the wall, but it's very exciting to see what you are writing without actually touching the wall. 

The white background and writing seemed to function pretty well, but occasionally would skip a beat and you would have to go over it a little more. Other than that, this device worked just as I hoped. I was able to select the start menu and completely control my laptop with the i-Pen. I was able to go to websites, select links, and exit pages. It was exciting because I was standing up and on the wall selecting what I wanted to see. 

If I were to use this during a presentation, I think you could make it a whole lot more interactive with this device. You can enhance the way you present your material as well as make some creative presentations to use with it as well. I have never used a product like this before and I was thrilled with how fluid the i-Pen worked. 

The i-Cam even comes with some mounting hardware so you can have a permanent solution. It's easy to setup and doesn't take much with software to get it up and running. You can write, draw, and interact with your desktop and then i-Pen feels very natural in your hand.