IOGEAR NetShair Link Portable Wi-Fi

October 25, 2013Posted by Kevin White


NetShair Link, is a portable Wi-Fi that also is capable of USB media sharing as well as simply charging USB devices. 

The NetShair Link was very simple to setup. Like most repeaters, this device requires you to use an outlet, but gives you 2 USB charging ports for the sacrifice. Not a bad sacrifice as you were going to charge your phone their anyway. I wish this device could have handled the Wi-Fi repeater/Access point mode without the need of the hardwired Ethernet cable, but it still works very well in a multitude of situations. 


After you plug in the device into an open socket, take an Ethernet cable from your modem or router and plug it into the provided Ethernet port on the NetShair Link. After you connect that port the light should show up green permitting you do not have any network or internet issues at the time. 

After your LED light has turned green, go onto your smart phone and search for the Wi-Fi SSID "NetShair Link" with a few additional characters. Make sure you have the manual at this point, because the password is not the on on the label of the actual device. It's in the manual and is 8 characters long. After you have entered the 8 characters, you are then able to access the Wi-Fi off of a hardwired Ethernet cable. 

You are also able to log onto the NetShair Link by going to the supplied IP address and typing in the Username and Password. You are able to make changes in the settings by using this and could maximize productivity with it. 

The front LED will tell you what is happening with the device. Red means no connectivity and resetting, Orange means it's connected to a network, but there isn't any internet connectivity, and Green means GO! 

If you have used this device in different situations and it isn't picking up or distributing a Wi-Fi signal with internet, then press the reset button with a tooth pick or pen for about 10 seconds and you should be good to go. After it resets, it should pick up and distribute with the same default log in terms. 

Giving this device Wi-Fi and then adding a USB powered hard drive makes this a USB media hub. Fast sharing, excellent speeds, and it will allow you to charge your USB devices. The NetShair Link is a perfect fit for turning a hotel room into an amplified Wi-Fi if they have the hardwired hookup, friends or family homes that have weak signal or no Wi-Fi, and a multitude of other reasons to pick this up.

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