JeepTails Jeep Tail Light Cover- Zombie Outbreak Response Team

December 13, 2013Posted by Kevin White


JeepTails has a fantastic lineup of almost anything you can think of for your tail lights. I was very excited to try out the Zombie Outbreak Response Team tail light cover and I loved it!

These tail light covers that JeepTails sells are not made from cheap plastic. They have put care into the plastic and designs and they are also very durable. Just make sure you don't apply too much force when screwing them into place.

JeepTails Zombie Apocalypse Response Team

The tail light cover goes over your exisiting tail lights and to make it extremely easy, you use the pre-existing screws from your tail light to screw in both the cover and the tail lights. Make sure you purchase the correct light cover as they are slightly different with Jeeps from different years.

Although from a far it's hard to see exactly what my tail lights say, up close at a red light or stop sign will give a clear visual for the driver behind you. They will be able to see that my Jeep is part of a Zombie Outbreak Response Team and to back off!

There are so many different tail light covers that JeepTails offers, so you have no choice but to check them out. Very affordable and gives your Jeep some class and a unique double sometimes triple take.

With a great price, easy install, and durable plastic, these light covers will be sure to get you extra excited for the drive!

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