KaiJudo: Invasion Earth Expansion Pack

January 14, 2014Posted by Kevin White


KaiJudo has released another expansion pack called Invasion Earth. In this expansion pack, KaiJudo brings in another slew of 90 cards into the mix. This is great for a constant strategy update and will keep from players getting bored.

New mechanics were added to this expansion and should enhance your game play experience. Also a new rare was added, Almight Colossus of the Nature Civilization. I enjoyed this new set and updating my deck.

KaiJudo Invasion Earth

I enjoyed this quote from KaiJudo

"As the war wages on between the five Civilizations for control of the world, The Choten is gaining in strength and poses an even deadlier threat. Using the Invasion Earth set, Kaijudo Duelist must raise their gauntlets against this force of evil and defend the world against total domination!"

This gets you pumped up and to start collecting the new cards that will make up your new strategy.

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