KaiJudo - Shattered Alliances Expansion

January 14, 2014Posted by Kevin White


The KaiJudo: Shattered Alliances expansion brought 90 new cards to the game. This new expansion is set to bring new game mechanics and new strategies for deck building.

There are a slew of new cards to collect and two new rares to get your hands on! Haven of Light Civilization and Queen Kalima of the Darkness Civilization. Collect these new rare foils and add them to your deck for an ultimate experience!

KaiJudo Shattered Alliance

These new cards add so much more to the game. Allowing for a more progressive game and a way to add new rules. I enjoyed playing with the Shattered Alliances and I look forward to the next in KaiJudo. Invasion Earth is the next expansion pack that is set to come out.

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