Keedox HDMI to Composite RCA & S-Video Converter

March 22, 2014Posted by Kevin White


This HDMI to Composite RCA & S-Video Converter is a great tool to have. The converter takes the HD signal through the HDMI input and converts it out into AV with RCA cables or with S-Video. The package contains the power adapter, RCA cables, and an S-Video cable.

On the front of the converter, you will see a switch to the left labled S-Video/CVAS. This is the switch that will allow you to change the desired output video signal. If you are using the RCA cables, select CVAS. The second switch allows you to change from PAL to NTSC depending on your systems standards. You will also notice on the front, an HDMI input and the power input. The power input requires a wall or power strip outlet, but it doesn't consume much power at all.

Keedox HDMI to Composite RCA and S-Video Converter

The Keedox converter has a very bright blue LED notifying you that the device is on and active, and if it's too bright, try hiding it behind something. The device is very small and should be able to fit in small places, especially if you wanted to take it traveling. Ever been stuck in a vacation home that uses Tube TV's and VHS or older media devices? This converter can work with your HDMI media player and other HDMI media devices.

The back of the converter, you will see the S-Video port on the left and the Yellow, White, and Red RCA Outputs. I prefer to use RCA over S-Video if I have both options as it has dedicated left and right sound to speakers as well as a dedicated video. The solid state and weightless design make this noise free slick designed converter a great tool to have.

With this device, you will be able to play all of your HD capable devices on older style TV's. Traveling and encounter a hotel/motel that hasn't been able to upgrade yet? Are you looking at old media like VHS tapes and wanting to show those memories on your HD display? This device can help convert that signal so you can still use these older non HD peripherals.

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