Keedox Mini HDMI to AV Composite Video & Audio Converter

March 22, 2014Posted by Kevin White


The mini HDMI to AV composite is a great tiny converter that will take an HDMI signal and down convert it for composite video and audio output. The purpose is to take those signals and allow non HD peripherals to still receive in composite AV.

The mini HDMI to AV converter is USB powered and does not require a power adapter. This device has 1 X HDMI Input, 1 X AV Composite Output, and a switch for NTSC/PAL systems. Using this device was extremely simple and didn't require installing any software or addons to enable it. The USB power is all it takes for this device to down convert that HD signal.

Keedox Mini HDMI to AV Converter

The composite video reqires Yellow (Video), White (Left Audio), and Red (Right Audio) RCA cable to connect to your non HD device and an HDMI cable for the input source. After you connect the HDMI, AV, and USB Power cable, you will notice a blue light flash, letting you know that the device is on and working.

This is a really great device to travel with, especially any hotel/motel that has a tube TV and you brought along an HDMI media player. Also this is really useful if you have a VCR or other older AV peripherals, because of the old media you still have. Also, play your brand new HD game console on pre-HDMI TV's.

With USB being on almost every device and having USB wall outlets, it's very easy to give power to this small device and it's very easy to hide. I didn't have any issues with this devices performance and being solid state, it doesn't create any noise.

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