Loftek 2200mAh Power Bank & Flashlight

October 8, 2013Posted by Kevin White


The Flashlight has three different settings and they all perform very well. If you put your finger on the button and just simply press down lightly, it will display the different settings, but pressing the button hard will turn the flashlight on and off.

The first click of the button gives you the high beam main flashlight setting. The beam pattern is very nice and the lumen output is fantastic. This setting will let your eyes see clearly instead of squinting with dim light.

Loftek Power Bank & Flashlight

The second click of the button gives you the low beam flashlight setting. If you don't need the full amount of foot candles from the high beam or reading a book, this setting is very nice and soft on the eyes.

The third click of the button gives you the SOS feature. This is a great tool to have no matter what the situation. The LED's flash a red SOS sign, and it's bright enough to be seen pretty far away. This is a huge added safety bonus.

If you enjoy camping, boating, or other activities or even just wanting to be prepared for power outages and other accidents, this is a must-have tool. The high beam lets you see through the woods if you are lost, the low beam lets you read if you need to check out a map, and the SOS if you are completely lost.

Now for the extra adder to this amazing flashlight, Loftek has put a built in 2200mAh power bank and to find it, there is a swivel on the bottom of the product. Not only can you charge your devices from this flashlight, but it also means no more AA or AAA or worse batteries! This is such a great idea, not only can you have a fully charged flashlight, but if you need to power your smart phone or other USB chargeable device, you can.

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