Noosy iPhone5 & 5S Light Up Case

March 21, 2014Posted by Kevin White


This is a very fun case if you own an iPhone 5 series. The light up case features a nice snug design and a huge variety of different themes and pictures.

The case uses an LED Flash Cover and doesn't require batteries. Simply use the LED notification options on your iPhone and the case will take care of the rest. With the LED flash cover, the case will send and redirect the flash to show off and when you are ready to take pictures again or use the flash as a flashlight,, remeber to open the flash cover.

  • Noosy Light Up Case
  • Noosy Light Up Case
  • Noosy Light Up Case
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The case is a little flimsy, but seems to handle normal wear and tear without showing too much. These cases are extremely affordable, so I would pick up a few extra just to have on hand.

These light up cases from Noosy are a great way to personalize your iPhone even more. The case doesn't block the camera at all and has a slim fit around the iPhone. An excellent innovative way to incorparate an already exisiting element to add personalization and fun.

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