Oregon Scientific - ATC Chameleon - Dual Lens Action Camera

September 9, 2013Posted by Kevin White


Oregon Scientific ATC Chameleon Dual Lens Action Video Camera. The dual lens action camera is perfect for many occasions and also comes with a helmet mount as well as handlebar mounts. 

This action camera has two functional cameras that are on two different swivels. The left camera rotates from front to back and the right camera rotates up and down. This allows you to record your event from many different angles simultaneously. You can have the left camera facing front and the other camera facing the sky, ground, or the same level as the front camera. 

Oregon Scientific ATC Chameleon Dual Lens Action Camera

To focus on the dual lenses more, each lens is capable of 180 degree adjusting for multiple angles and both lenses record up to 720p at 30fps. 30fps is an excellent capture speed, but I would rather have 60fps especially for capturing "action". This only really limits you in the post production of your video for slow motion or smooth frames. 

The action camera has a built in SD card slot for writing the video files and also has a great feature to play videos off of the device. Before you even edit the video, connecting the device to play the video automatically synchronizes the videos together either side by side or top to bottom depending on your preference and lens angles. You can change the orientation by selecting the option with the switch located behind the door where you would find the USB and SD ports. 

The ATC Chameleon is capable of being waterproof as long you buy the water proof enclosure. I did not have the chance to purchase the waterproof housing for this unit, but I will comment later on after I acquire it. This means you can have more possibilities to use this action camera for your events. This is good that you can use underwater with the waterproof housing as it's going to have to compete with the already established GoPro that comes with a waterproof housing. 

The dual lens action camera has a rechargeable battery that is micro USB compatible, recording can last around 2 hours on a single charge and the SD slot is capable of handling up to 32GB's of storage. The action camera also has a built in microphone and speaker which is a nice little perk to add to your videos. 

I was extremely excited to test out the ATC Chameleon Dual Lens Action Camera and I was not disappointed. The HD 720p quality is excellent and it's extremely fun to have the HD videos playing side by side together. Along with the automatic exposure and white balance, the camera captures a very nice quality video that will impress your viewers. 

There are many reasons to look into the ATC Chameleon. The price is fantastic, the ATC mounts that come in the box are extremely stable, rechargeable battery, easy on and off switch, side by side synced playback, up to 32GB's of storage, and DUAL LENSES!!! 

The top of the device features a slide switch that enables the camera and begins recording. There are two lights to let you know if the battery is running low and if you have sufficient storage/recording. The back of the camera features a door and open to find the Micro USB port for file playback or charging, SD card slot for the removable storage, a switch for side by side or top and bottom record modes, and a status button which allows the menu interface. 

This camera does not feature an LCD screen for local playback, but having Micro USB you can connect to most devices for easy playback. The mounts are easily interchangable and you are given extra adhesives for changing the mounts out. 

This action camera is priced to compete and the only place it lacks is the ability to change frame rates and resolution. Granted you would not be able to record two 1080p files simultaneiously and have the same playback feature of side by side as this would exceed the resolution that is current on most TV's and other devices. 

The ATC Chameleon Dual Lens Action Camera is an amazing tool to have on many occasions. Biking, swimming, surfing, driving, running, and any other cool ideas you might have. Just make sure you buy the waterproof housing before any water related activities.

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