Pixnor USB Dancing Water Speakers

October 7, 2013Posted by Kevin White


These speakers are very cool and function extremely well with the music. There were just a couple of things I wish were included in these speakers.

The dancing water speakers are an awesome set of speakers to own. I really enjoyed hooking my laptop or smart phone to the AUX port and watching as the water shot up with the music and the LED's have great color to them. Having these speakers on at night is the best time for using them as the LED's and the water give off a great vibe and produce a really cool display on ceilings as well.

Pixnor Dancing Water Speakers

The main speaker comes with an AUX port and USB cord and the second speaker has a port for the USB cable to be connected. It also features a second USB cord to plug into a power source, such as a laptop or power bank. This was a little upsetting to find out that these speakers do not have batteries, so a power source is needed at all times to operate them. 

The sound produced from these speakers was very good and compared to many of the other speakers I have tested. The bass levels didn't create too much distortion when at max volume like most other speakers and to control the volume would be from your laptop, tablet, smart phone, or what other device you are using for music.

I really enjoyed having these speakers on and they really impressed my friends. I had connected the speakers to a USB power bank and used the AUX cord with my phone. When you turn on the speakers they shoot water up and then you know they are good to go and as soon as the music begins to play, the water begins to dance. The setup was extremely easy and I didn't run into any issues with these speakers. 

I hope for future models, they bring in USB rechargeable batteries as well as Bluetooth. If this device were Bluetooth, you could eliminate the AUX cable so you aren't getting the USB and AUX tangled and you could use them mobile.

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