Samsung Galaxy S4 Android Smartphone

March 6, 2014Posted by Kevin White


Samsung Galaxy Series are known for their flagship hardware and awe inspiring features. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is no different. This Android Smartphone is capable of handling any app and multi-tasking.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a large 5" Full HD 1080p and has a 13MP rear camera for professional looking photos and videos. The S4 boasts a Quad-Core processor and a Triple-Core Graphics Processor. The Android OS runs smoothly on the 2GB of DDR3 RAM and memory storage levels of 16,32, or 64GB's.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Android Smartphone

The S4 has so many features, it's hard to even list them all. Introducing the touchless screen, you no longer need to touch the screen for you to go to the next page or scroll down the text of a page. Simply swipe your hand infront of the screen and the phone should react quickly, you can also engage the setting that follows your eyes. This setting will allow you to scroll down a page just by looking down and reading as it keeps scrolling. You can also use it for watching videos, as it senses you look away, the video will stop playing.

The text to speech and the customizability for this flagship phone was extremely impressive. A large 2600mAh battery to handle the constant usage for work or play. Customize this phone to be your true personal device.

Samsung has really packed in the features for photo and video enthusiasts. The Android smartphone comes packed with camera and video settings that allow you to take your media to a new level. Slow motion and fast motion recording, is a really nice feature that allows you to take a picture or video no matter what the action is.

Take a look at the features that are packed into this device and the hardware is more than capable of keeping up. Allowing this S4 Device to be upgradable to the newest Android OS 4.4

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