PlayStation Now, Sony's New Streaming Game Service

January 8, 2014Posted by Kevin White


Thank you Sony for announcing PlayStation Now. A streaming service that will allow you to not only view movies, T.V., and music, but you will be able to stream PlayStation One, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 games on a multitude of platforms and mobile devices.

Not sure about it's availability or what the costs for the subscription will be, but I would hope it has to tie into the already existing PlayStation Plus.

The initial platforms that will be supported from Day 1 will be : PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Sony's Vita. With more updates and compatibility to come later, this is a rental and subscription based service.

Although streaming HD content is very demanding, I hope they expand the 720p HD Streaming service to 1080p, but 720p will work for now.

Along with the launch, PlayStation 3 games will be ready to go, and more titles coming later from previous Sony consoles.

BTW, with this game streaming service, you can play multiplayer with other PlayStation Now members, This is more than cool!

Wondering about pricing and how efficient Sony servers will handle the streaming demand, we will get more updates as we learn more.