TaoTronics Emergency LED Lightbulb

November 19, 2013Posted by Kevin White


The Emergency LED Light Bulb and Flashlight from TaoTronics (Model# TT-FL07) is a great light to have in your home or maybe in an office/business. 

The LED light has many features packed into a floodlight like design. When you open up the box, you will notice that the light has a screw on cap that protects the base and a remote control. Remove the screw on cap and the lamp is ready to be screwed into an appropriate socket. The remote control is great as it allows you to dim the light as well as power on and off. 

TaoTronics Emergency LED Lightbulb

When you screw in the light into a socket and the power is on, an LED light will let you know that the device is charging. The charge can last up to 6 hours and can come in handy with a power outage. The device has an auto power up after a power outage so you don't have to stumble around in the dark looking for it. 

A nice feature is the extendable neck that snaps into placement. This can be used not only for a good grip when using as a flashlight, but also if you need the light to stick out a little further from the socket you have it in. 

Below the charging notification LED, this light has a switch for AC power, Off, and DC Power. This switch will also be how you turn it on when you have it in a socket, or in flashlight mode. The body of the light is plastic as well as the cover and feels very durable. 

This device uses a low wattage LED and that can really help with energy savings, especially around the holidays. This is a 5 Watt LED and is equivalent to a 40 Watt incandescent brightness. This allows you to achieve the same amount of light with less energy consumption. Also using a 5 Watt LED allows a long battery life when using it in flashlight mode. 

I was very excited to use this device and it came in handy faster than I thought. I had placed the light in one of my main rooms and when I had started to look for something in my dark cupboard, I remembered that I could use this as a flashlight and find what I needed! Can be useful for Trick R Treating with the kids, walking downstairs for a midnight snack and you don't want to wake anyone up, telling ghost stories in front of the fire, exploring a cave, or your conventional power outages.

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