TaoTronics Smartphone Mount & Holder

January 10, 2010Posted by Kevin White


The TT-SH04 Smart Phone Holder is capable of handling most devices that are out now. The reason why it can handle all different types of smart phones is because of the adjustable sizing for the mount. You can slide in your phone and while you are sliding the phone in, the holder adjusts to a larger size if need be.

TaoTronics Smartphone Mount and Holder

The adjustments are excellent and you shouldn't have any issues. They are built strong so even forcing the smart phone into the holder should be fine.

The holder makes the phone orientation landscape and is perfect for driving and directions. Load up your GPS app, slide the phone into the holder and you are good to go. You can still use the touch screen while it is in the holder and you are able to easily take it out if you need to.

Having this device for anyone who travels or anyone looking for a quicker route but don't want to have to keep looking down at your phone is absolutely perfect. This device has a suction cup type mount that can be mounted on flat dashes. This could still be used on non-flat dashes as it does have a sticky side to the suction mount. This makes it perfect if you want to permanently have the holder in your vehicle.

The Smart Phone Holder was a very nice hands-free device for not just directions and GPS, but for hands free calling as well. This is a perfect tool for your daily commutes or long drives that require directions, and it works just like it should. Right out of the box you will be able to install without any issues as its a very basic, but with a great design. The only thing I would like to see in the future is if this Smart Phone Holder had a USB charging port/cable included with the design, but it's not really needed as most smart phones charging ports are on the top or bottom of the phone, so you can add your own.

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