Telesin GoPro Handlebar/Roll Bar Mount for Hero 1,2,3

February 12, 2014Posted by Kevin White


One thing is for sure when you are talking about GoPro and that is mounting. Telesin has a handlebar/roll bar mount that is perfect for the GoPro Hero 3, 2, and 1. With the wide range of GoPro models, this mount will surely be able to fit your needs.

Telesin GoPro Hero Handlebar Mount and Roll Bar mount

We tested the Telesin roll bar mount option with a Jeep Wrangler Sahara. After unscrewing the mounting bracket and fitting it around the roll bar, we made sure we made everything as tight as we could. Along with the handlebar/roll bar mount, the extra mounting accessories that can help with camera angles and positioning come included.

Attaching the mount to the Jeep's roll bar was really fast and easy. We started the cruise slow, but realizing that the mount and camera weren't going anywhere, we were a bit more casual with speed and turns.

Viewing the footage, the mount kept an excellent stable position for the camera so the playback wasn't too jumpy. Excellent quality and the mount is very secure and reliable.

The mount has the same GoPro mounting look and feel and all the better because it's tooless. Seeing how well it could do with a vehicle, our next option will be riding a bicycle. (after the snow)

Affordable and a mount with more than one use, we really enjoyed using it with out GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition. We had no issues mounting to the cameras case and not to worry if you over tighten, you can use a phillips head screw driver to loosen them back up.

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