Tepeak 2in1 Magnetic Cradle-less Smartphone Mount & Holder

February 12, 2014Posted by Kevin White


This is a very versatile and affordable mount and holder for your smart devices. The magnetic holder creates a cradle-less feature that holds extremely well. Looking at the thin piece of metal they supply, you will be impressed with how well it actually holds.

The metal sheet the supply has adhesive on one side for a permanent position and worked extremely well with the magnetic holder. Going over bumps and hitting pot holes didn't make my phone fall at all. Given the strong magentic power, I was able to attach the metal to my phone case for a better grip.

Tepeak 2in1 Smartphone Holder

This 2in1 mount and holder also have another option. If you are unable to use the metal sheet and magnet, you can simply replace the magent with the "claw" type holder. The claw holder has rubber on the insides of where it holds your device so it doesn't scratch or dent, and opens up for a wide variety of smartphones and GPS enabled devices.

Perfect for road trips and hands free calling, this device has a suction cup mount that will fit your dash or windshield. The suction cup has a press down to clamp the suction and creates a very strong hold. If you are wanting to transfer the mount and holder to another vehicle, just release the push down tab and it will release the suction and clamp. The clamp and suction cup can be used on multiple surfaces over and over again.

The holder was able to keep my HTC One in the same position, even going over some rough terrain. I haven't noticed the metal sheet getting in the way or caught on anything at this point. but you can also save yourself the hastle by placing the metal sheet on the inside of your case.

Being safe with your GPS enabled device is a must. You don't want to take your eyes off the road or look down for directions. With this mount, you can easily look at your directions and pay attention to your surroundings.

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