Thermaltake TR2 430W Power Supply

February 19, 2014Posted by Kevin White


The Thermaltake TR2 430 Watt power supply is an extremely efficient power source. Thermaltake being one of the best names, has this power supply full of features.

Thermaltake TR2 430 Watt Power Supply

I have heard power supplies claiming to be silent, but this unit really was. I have included this unit in an HTPC where minimum noise is needed. For being pretty quiet, it still houses a 120mm cooling fan.

This power supply comes with the main connector to the motherboard, ATX 12V, PCI-E, SATA, and a few other connectors. The TR2 also supports Nvidia or AMD graphics cards, so no matter how you built your system, this unit will work.

Thermaltake has the wires wrapped up in a nice sheath and everything looked in excellent condition. I was very pleased with this power supply and how quiet it can really be. With an auto adjust for fan speed, the motor will spin up when higher temps are detected.