Top Ten Movies To Show Off Your HTPC

February 15, 2014Posted by Kevin White


An HTPC has to be able to handle multiple compressions, video formats, and codecs. Some of the most powerful HD quality formats are a bit more demanding than others so you need some decent processing power. A proper GPU and CPU combo can unlock all of these possibilities and unleash the beauty of HD quality content

After you finish setting up your HTPC and software, you are ready to watch movies in excellent quality, but what movies should you show off with? Check out our list below and our reasons why!

  1. The Avengers - Because the last 30-45 minutes of intense battles and explosions should say enough! This movie has so many great scenes of fighting, action, explosions, and of course some of our favorite super heroes!
  2. Transformers Dark of the Moon - Obviously one of the most action packed movies of all time. Definitely a show off movie! Robots and war machines, it gets pretty chaotic in most scenes.
  3. Braveheart - This is one of my favorite movies of all time (call me biased). The beautiful scenery in this movie is alone should be a reason to watch, but there are a few epic battles that look great as well.
  4. Gravity - Such a realistic portrayal of what most of us will never experience in our lifetime. You want these scenes to flow flawlessly and gaze into the beautiful scenes of this movie.
  5. Sin City - Sin City is such a great movie with every scene involving effects and green screen work. This is a great movie to show off your HD machine
  6. Avatar - If it's in 3D or 2D it doesn't matter. This movie offers amazing colors and visual effects to impress just about anyone.
  7. Pacific Rim - Involving the end of the world and giant robots, this has some amazing visual effects. Watching the fights in the city or in the ocean, it will be sure to leave you impressed.
  8. Batman Dark Knight Trilogy - I know it's going a bit far to say all three, but watch any of these movies to show off how good gothic action looks on your HD Display. The Dark Crusader and his gadgets defend Gotham City and all three provide a wild ride.
  9. Lord Of The Rings Extended Trilogy - Again, I included all three of these movies. You obviously know why, with the beautiful scenery, the breathtaking battles and adventures.
  10. The Hobbit - Peter Jackson and crew really know how to bring a book to life. Amazing scenery, excellent action, this is another favorite to watch.

These movies have the action or beautiful scenes that you would enjoy showing off. Full 1080p HD output from your HTPC to your HD ready TV will be sure to leave you amazed. The importance of these action and cinematic movies for showing off your HTPC is because of the processing power it takes. Knowing you have a good setup involves pushing it to the limit and throwing the best action and explosive movie possible.

You can build your HTPC to be 3D capable as well. When you combine your 3D capable HTPC with your 3DHD Ready display, you can still watch your favorite 3D movies.

There are many other movies that will show off your HD capabilities, but these are my favorites. Let me know what movies you show off with!