Torchstar RGB LED Music Controller with IR Remote

January 29, 2014Posted by Kevin White


If you already have an RGB LED strip light, this controller will turn your lights into an interactive party zone. The LED Music Controller has an advanced micro music control unit and placing the controller near a speaker will allow the LED strip lights to react with the music.

Having a party, but you want to spice it up a bit? There are four options and different styles for your lights and music to interact together. Playing songs that get everyone dancing will be easier when you have the lights going with the music. Gives everyone the "nightclub" vibe and you just can't help it.

Torchstar LED Music Controller

The IR remote music LED controller has a 3 channel output, adjustable brightness, and single color or color changing effects. In addition to the colors and the music options, there are also two "jump" options. Jump3 has 3 color jumping effect and Jump7 has 7 colors jumping effect. The Fade3 and Fade7 have color changing effects as well.

Are you a gamer and want to step up for gaming experience? The fourth option on the music controller allows for the LED lights to react and flash to louder noises. I played Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 with the #4 music setting and when bullets whiz past your head and explosions go off it gives you a feeling your on the battlefield. The flashing lights and different colors when your gun goes off is almost like an over exagerated muzzle flash, and explosions light up your entire room! You can tell when you are getting close to the action as the lights start interacting with the bullets being fired in your area. Further away, the lights won't react as much.

The Music IR Controller doesn't need to be right next to your speaker, as it has a decent pickup range for sound. I am able to laugh or cough and it sometimes sets it off as well. The controller has the IR receiver and power, to power the LED strip lights. The remote works well and from a variety of distances.

You don't need a speaker for the music controller to work either. You could play your own live music and being near the controller, it will pickup the sound and react with the lights. It's perfect for so many occasions and can enhance your gaming experience as well as your party hosting experience.

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