Torchstar LED Meteor Lights

February 17, 2014Posted by Kevin White


LED Meteor lights have a meteor rain effect that are bright and fun to use. There are 10 LED tubes that consist of 36 LEDs each. These LEDs have a wide range of colors consisting of White, Red, Green, Blue, and Amber.

The string of meteor lights can be powered by a 12V power supply and although they do not supply the power adapter with the meteor lights, you can purchase it seperately. If you have a spare laptop power adapter or 12V power inverter, you can wire up the meteor lights yourself. Below I have a picture of my meteor lights hooked up to an older laptop power adapter. (laptop power adapters already have the inverter for 12V power)

Wiring up the LED Meteor lights is an easy task. Simply splice the power adapter wires to the stripped ends of the meteor lights (use electrical tape or electrical caps) and you are done. Plug the power adapter into the wall and you will see the rain effect with the random color change.

Torchstar LED Meteor Lights Wired Up

These lights do not come with a controller as they do not function with a controller. These lights have a random color change effect that goes along with the meteor rain effect. There are different meteor lights that consist of different colors if you have something specific in mind.

Torchstar LED Meteor Lights Wired Up

The LED tubes are spaced 39 inches apart and can be hung up in a variety of places. They are also waterproof which means they can be used outside. This is perfect for an outdoor party or wedding or any other type of event you can think of.

Take a look at the different colors Torchstar offers and let us know what type of event you would use your LED Meteor Lights.

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