VTech Phones Video Doorbell

December 13, 2013Posted by Kevin White


The VTech Video Doorbell Phone is one of the coolest gadgets I have seen. This product enhanced my home security as well as a convienent indicator that a guest had arrived.

The VTech Video Doorbell Phone comes with two phones that can handle video feed as well as a land line, 1 main phone holder with special features, 1 simple phone holder, video doorbell, and the power sources. I was extremely excited to know that the video doorbell can function on batteries which is good for anyone who doesn't want to run electrical to the device. They do give you an option for a hard wired connection, and doing so has benefits. Connecting the video doorbell to a power source other than batteries, allows the phones to use the video feature without having the doorbell pressed.

VTech Phones Video Doorbell

Allowing the doorbell to have a dedicated power source and using the video feature, you can keep an eye out if you hear a noise or something sparks your curiousity. Just pick up the phone and press the middle "view" button.

The video doorbell comes with mounting hardware and you are able to adjust the camera's viewing angle. After you put the batteries in and mount the door bell, you are almost ready to go. Make sure you charge up the phones right away so you can test out the video signal.

When you press the doorbell button, a sound of an actual doorbell echoes throughout your home, now you can pick up any of the two phones and you will see a picture taken of who pressed the doorbell, as well as answer the call to not only see video, but you can talk to the person as well.

The phones feature a memory system to input the snapshots taken and you can also scroll through the history of snapshots taken and you can have up to 100 stored. There are a number of other features as well. Color LCD display for your streaming video or snapshots, Voice Announce Caller ID, Message Recording for ultimate security and safety precautions, and HD Audio.

The phones look like a normal phone, but with an LCD screen and if you have a landline still, you can use this as a normal phone. The video doorbell has a decent digital camera that activates after the doorbell button has been pushed. The sound is perfect and can be heard from far away. The camera has some decent night vision, but it really helps when the person pressing the button are close to the lens.

Ever have a moment when you have a knock on your door, but your busy doing something. This device can help you connect to the stranger or guest on the other side of your door and let them know it will be a few minutes. Or if it's someone you don't want at your house, you can see them without opening the door and just not answer!

This was definitely one of my favorite devices! Extremely helpful in many living situations and you don't have to run electricity to the doorbell either. Such a fun way for visitors to see how advanced your home is! I suggest you look into VTech's Video Doorbell Phone!