Wusic Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker (big)

March 28, 2014Posted by Kevin White


This speaker from Wusic is a larger waterproof Bluetooth speaker that has multiple functions and decent audio quality.

The waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a larger model and works very well. The speaker features a suction cup design that allows you to easily mount anywhere and especially in the shower. This waterproof speaker features buttons on the top for: Power, Play/Pause, Skip/Reverse, and an anwer call function.

Wusic Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Large

Press in the power button until the unit turns on and pair with your Bluetooth capable device. After the waterproof speaker is paired, the music can easily be controlled by the top buttons and they worked without flaw.

The answer call function allows you to answer a phone call with the push of a button. The microphone is waterproof and can be used even while you are in the shower. The mic worked very well and the speaker handled the call quality very well.

The back of the speaker has a power input cover, remove the cover and insert the power cord that was given with the packaging. Don't be afraid to let this speaker get wet, but make sure the power input door is completely closed.

The speaker has a unique design and the speakers are located at the bottom. This is a nice design as it pushes the audio out and bounces with the suction cup mount and the wall or surface it's suctioned to. Having the speaker pushing sound through the bottom allows the sound to carry nicely if the shower or water is directly hitting the device.

Take this speaker on the road if you are traveling, use the speaker in the shower, or even have the speaker poolside. With the suction cup mount, you can place the speaker on most smooth surfaces. Enjoy hours of music with the larger battery that can also play while charging.

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