Wusic Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker (small)

March 28, 2014Posted by Kevin White


This small Bluetooth speaker packs a decent punch when it comes to size vs sound. The Bluetooth speaker is waterproof and has a long life rechargeable battery.

The waterproof speaker from Wusic, features a suction cup bottom for easy mounting on smooth surfaces. Use the speaker in the shower by placing it on the shower wall and make sure the suction is secure.

Wusic Small Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The back of the speaker features a door that opens up to an On/Off switch and the rechargeable MicroUSB port. It doesn't take too long for the speaker to be fully charged and will be sure to last for a decent amount of showers before you need to charge again.

Connecting to this device using Bluetooth is very easy and it "warns" you when the speaker is not connected to a device. Once this speaker is paired, you can control the volume up/down or skip/reply with the front buttons of the speaker. This definitely comes in handy as you don't want to touch your non waterproof Bluetooth device once the music has started.

With a great design, great sound, and suction cup mounted, this speaker is perfect for showers, baths, or by the pool. Don't be afraid to get this speaker wet, but makes sure you have the back door fully closed. This door protects the rechare port and on/off switch.

This speaker also comes with a decent quality speakerphone for answering call options. The mic is waterproof as well and functions great on the go in your car or in the shower. The speaker should keep playing music for up to 30 feet away from the Bluetooth music device and should last around 6 hours of play time.

I really enjoyed having a speaker that can be used in places that have a lot of humidity and moisture like a shower and be able to play music when you weren't able to before.

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