X-Mini MAX & X-Mini UNO Speakers

June 20, 2010Posted by Kevin White


The first package I opened was the X-Mini MAX Capsule Speakers. The design is really nice, and you can get them in a multitude of colors to go with the theme of the room or a party you are at. I took them out of the package and I was amazed to find that these little speakers expanded in the middle to give the bass a boost. This actually works! You can play the speakers collapsed or extended and they both sound amazing. I prefer to have them extended as it gives that extra bass and it makes that sound even better!

X-Mini MAX Speakers

Both of these individual speakers can operate as a standalone or hook them both up to an AUX cable.

They include in the package the AUX cable that goes to USB that plugs right into the USB port on the speaker. Then you can either use the already supplied AUX cable that is connected to the bottom of the speaker, and plug it into the other speaker, or you can use an extended AUX cable to give them some distance from each other. The fact that these little speakers also come with AUX cables built into them makes for an easy and quick setup.

These little speakers are perfect for travel, have their own rechargeable battery and can multiples can be hooked up to each other, spreading the wealth of music around. These speakers can be volume controlled by the device you are using to play the music and let me tell you, they can be really loud!

The next speaker I opened up is the X-Mini UNO Capsule Speaker. This speaker is slightly larger than the MAX dual speakers, but it sounds to me packs that extra punch! The UNO also features an AUX cable that is attached to the speaker, and it also has it's own volume control. Again this package opened up and contained all the cables you could need to get started listening to music right away.

X-Mini UNO Speaker

You can charge this speaker the same way, and right out of the box we listened to music for a couple of hours and it was still pushing music out. You don't have to use their AUX to USB cord, you can use your very own extended AUX cable so you can get some distance with your music device and these speakers.

I was able to hook up all three speakers to each other and play music, and it was loud. It was crisp, clear, and had excellent bass. These speakers can really push out the music, and can really push the bass to a new level for tiny speakers.

If you are just sitting around the house, playing cards, cleaning, (bring them into the other room without having to disconnect a stereo system) parties, and anything else you can think of, then pick these up immediately! I have included the website at the top and bottom of this review, and I think you should definitely pick these up. They hold hours upon hours of charge for music playing, and are extremely portable. X-Mini even gives you carrying cases for the speakers!

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