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Posted by Kevin White

HTPC Receiver Case White-Out Reviews

My first HTPC case was a lot of fun to put together. The old receiver front panel made it look really cool IMO and I added an LED array from an LED exit sign and added a "brass" temp gauge.

Dreamcast HTPC White-Out Reviews

Using a developer board and eventually getting something more powerful, this Dreamcast still serves a purpose. Running a custom ROM of Android, this Dreamcast can watch movies and T.V. shows, as well as access to Google Play.

New HTPC Case White-Out Reviews

My new HTPC case, I gutted an older Sony receiver that was no longer being used. I had an amazing amount of room, holes for cooling, and everything seems to stay pretty quiet. The Power button is still functional and I would like to integrate more buttons into working buttons.

New HTPC Case White-Out Reviews

I added the LED array from the LED exit sign again, but the window is a little dark. I am thinking about adding a unique clock into the window.

If you have an awesome idea or a custom case you have put togther, please share with us!

HTPC Discussion Forum

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