E-Cigarettes & Vaporizers


Green Smoke E-Cigarette Essentials Kit Green Smoke Rechargeable E-Cigarette Essentials Kit - This e-cigarette kit from Green Smoke will help reduce and possibly quit smoking real cigarettes. With it's realistic feel and how much vapor/smoke it emits. Read Review

Vapor4Life Vapor4Life Dial-A-Volt Automatic Battery & Smileomizer - This E-Cigarette kit has a volt changing battery, smileomizer and USB charger. This Automatic e-cigarette is easy to use and great to vape with. Read Review

Vapor4Life Vapor4Life WoW Flavors - Check out the flavors for e-cigarettes form V4L. Read Review

Virgin Vapor Virgin Vapor eGo-V V3 Battery for E-Cigarette - This kit from Virgin Vapor included Battery, Tank, and Flavors. The eGo-V V3 is a large capacity battery that will supply vape session after vape session for days. USB Rechargeable. Read Review

Virgin Vapor Virgin Vapor Flavors - Check out the flavors of their Organic selection. Read Review

KangerTech ProTank - 2 KangerTech Protank-2 - A tank that can handle any flavoring or liquid for your e-cigarette. 510 threaded and can be combined with almost any batteries. Read Review

NJOY - Electronic Cigarette from NJOY - Menthol King - Read Review

Mistic - Electronic Cigarette - Menthol King - Read Review

FIN - Electronic Cigarette - Menthol King - Read Review


Magic-Flight Launch Box Magic-Flight Launch Box Vaporizer - This vaporizer efficiently delivers a smooth and great tasting vape and only requires a rechargeable battery. Fill up to the trenches and connect the battery. Read Review

Ploom Model 2 Ploom Model 2 - Ploom Model 2 is a Tobacco Vaporizer and has different flavored "pods". The Pods come from Ploom and are blended specifically for Model 2. Read Review

Xzaler System 100% Smoke and Odor Eliminator Xzaler System 100% Smoke & Odor Eliminator - This device works by delivering the smoke from your mouth into a hose. Once the smoke is in the hose, it goes through a filtration system and cleans the air. Read Review