The American dream - essay

The American dream is more than just a dream and it’s very attainable. The American dream means long hours and endless days of you aim

10 Best Desk Lamps for College Dorms

Do you experience any problems choosing a desc lamp for a college dorm? In this post, I will review the top ten desk lamps for undergraduate

Top 10 Movies To Show Off Your HTPC & XBMC

February 15, 2014 Posted by Kevin White

Top 10 Movies To Show Off Your HTPC Power! (IMO) - From Avengers to other action blockbusters, this review has the top ten to show off your HTPC! Big action and in depth CGI make a unique experience, and you want to be able to enjoy that at home. Read Review

XBMC Media Player Software - When you build or buy an HTPC or Media Player, the next big task is software. XBMC is the way to go if you want excellent functionality and the ability to play most if not all of the formats and file extensions out there. Take a look at why you should pick XBMC and spend some time with the software to enhance your Home Theater experience. Read Review

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