Cerevo LiveShell Pro - Live HD Streaming

July 1, 2013 Posted by Kevin White

The LiveShell Pro is an amazing little unit that is extremely powerful. You could host your own TV show, Live events, or even have it function as a security device.

The LiveShell Pro from Cerevo is a unique device that can stream a beautiful, crisp, and clear resolution of 720p on a network or on the internet. The device comes with a WiFi dongle that works well, and it also has a network port for a hard wired connection. If you have read my previous reviews, I am always a fan of hardwired connections even though wireless can give you mobility.

Cerevo LiveShell Pro

The device gives you a couple of different options, whether you would rather hook up your video camera/ live feed through HDMI, or composite, and you also have the ability to add sound (what would a live show be without sound?).

If you want the crisp, clear picture quality, invest in an HDMI camera to get the full use out of this amazing device. The sound has three different options to choose from as well. A stereo Mic input, HDMI audio, and a line input terminal.

This LiveShell Pro is a complete package that contains everything you need to host your very own live channel on either YouTube, or your own site as well. Audio input, HDMI, Composite, and WiFi, you couldn't ask for anything more.

This device has a screw on base that you can put on a tripod or even attach to a camera so you can have it on equal levels. You don't have to stretch the HDMI cord to make sure the device is somewhere safe and also has a locking option so you don't have lost feed from a loose cable. Cerevo is nice enough to also give you the HDMI cord you will need to connect to the camera and the LiveShell Pro.

I was thinking about all the different uses for this device, and it's perfect. For any company that hosts "webinars" online for their outside sales, or even customers who would like to participate should gravitate towards this device.

You could host your quarterly meetings, anyone offsite could join in, there are just too many situations where you could use this device to the fullest. I know once I received this device and started playing with the settings, I immediately wanted to start my very own web show. I still want my very own web show, would you tune in?

The setup of this device is so incredibly easy, (even a cave man can do it?(even a caveman live feed could be interesting)) All I had to do was install the included software, hook it up to the network, hook my HDMI cable from my camera into the LiveShell Pro, and I was online, ready to start my own live talk show!

The best part of the wireless is that it's completely mobile. You can have this device travel with you and your camera and stream a beautiful HD 720p and you can also view or control the streaming material with Android or iOS devices. Being able to edit on the go with a smartphone/tablet, or stationary in the studio, you can edit live captions and also keep a look out on the output monitor.

Another great thing about this device, if you wanted to go mobile and you are connected wirelessly, you also have to think of power. The options available are an amazing rechargeable battery, and the AC Adapter. Again in the studio, or mobile, you have every option available to you.

I could not believe what an amazing device the Cerevo LiveShell Pro is. How it can effortlessly handle such a beautiful live feed, and maintain that live feed and resolution, Cerevo has definitely spent the time to make a quality product.