Logitech K400 Wireless Keyboard and Touch Pad

March 5, 2014 Posted by Kevin White

The Logitech K400 is a perfect solution to Home Theaters, HTPCs, and for travel. The K400 is a keyboard that also has a touchpad for cursor movement and also supports Windows 8 gestures.

The K400 is an all in one keyboard that functions off a 2.4GHz wireless connection. The wireless adapter is a small USB dongle and is also very reliable. The only time you should notice any lag is when the batteries begin to die out.

The Logitech K400 uses AA batteries and the power management of the keyboard itself supports a 12 month battery life. This also could depend on the frequency of usage and could diminish the life when in constant use.

Logitech K400 Keyboard

This keyboard has some distinguishing features. 10 meter distance from the keyboard and the wireless dongle, touchpad with right and left mouse clicks, quiet typing, and a very nice design that you wouldn't mind having it in your Home Theater.

Installation is very simple, place the batteries in correctly and plug in the USB wireless dongle, the K400 should be recognized and ready to be used immidiately. We call this Plug and Play and it's extemely useful so you don't need to download or install anything onto your computer. I run Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 8.1 and I have never encountered an issue with the connectivity of the K400.

I would really test out a model that comes with a backlit keyboard, because that is all thats missing from this all in one soltuion. It's quiet with long battery life, great wireless range, and instant connectivity, and a perfect replacement for the traditional mouse and keyboard.

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