Wireless Mice, Keyboards, & Remotes for HTPC and Home Theater

We love testing out new and unique devices that can either enhance your HTPC/Home Theater or on your PC and mobile devices. Ditching the traditional keyboard and mouse can open a door to a variety of new and improved mice, keyboards, and remotes.

Gaming Mouse

EasyAcc Grampus USB Optical Gaming Mouse EasyAcc Grampus USB Optical Gaming Mouse - This mouse is more than just for gaming, but for every day use. Great detail, fun lights, and a comfortable feel and grip. Read Review

Mouse/Keyboard Combination

TaoTronics Mini Wireless Fly Mouse/Keyboard TaoTronics Mini Wireless Fly Mouse/Keyboard - This is a perfect remote/keyboard/mouse for your Home Theater and HTPC/Media Players. Works well with Android and Windows Media Center and XBMC. Read Review

Aerb Bluetooth Keyboard Aerb Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard - This is a perfect mouse/keyboard solution for your HTPC or Android Media Player. Bluetooth Keyboard with a mouse pad and plenty of function keys. Read Review

Logitech K400r Keyboard Mouse Logitech K400r - Excellent Home Theater combination of mouse and keyboard. Reliable and full QWERTY keyboard, with a mouse toucpad make this an excellent replacement. Read Review

Mouse/Remote Combination

KDLINKS Air Mouse KDLINKS Air Mouse - This mouse has programmable buttons and a 6-axis motion engine that gives you freedom to move without losing precision. Read Review

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