TV Tuner & CableCARD Devices

TV Tuners and CableCARD devices are becoming more and more popular. More people are choosing to have their own PVR or HTPC to watch live T.V. and Record as well. TV Tuners can help with this process & some require a CableCARD from your service provider.

TV Tuner & HDHomerun Prime

Posted by Kevin White

HDHomerun Prime Silicondust HDHomerun Prime - is an amazing solution to broadcasting your digital cable or over the air (OTA) antenna signal. Adding this device to your network allows PCs, HTPCs, Tablets, Laptops, and Smatphones to watch live T.V. Read Review

Diamond AT HD Theater 750 USB TV Tuner Diamond ATI HD Theater 750 USB TV Tuner - A TV Tuner that can turn your PC or HTPC into a PVR. Receive live TV from over the air or coaxial and use software to record live TV. Read Review

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