Wireless Devices & Gadgets

Wireless Mouse, Keyboard, & Remote

Aerb Bluetooth Keyboard Aerb Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard - This is a perfect mouse/keyboard solution for your HTPC or Android Media Player. Bluetooth Keyboard with a mouse pad and plenty of function keys. Read Review

KDLINKS Air Mouse KDLINKS Air Mouse - This mouse has programmable buttons and a 6-axis motion engine that gives you freedom to move without losing precision. Read Review

TaoTronics Mini Wireless Fly Mouse Keyboard TaoTronics Mini Wireless Fly Mouse/Keyboard - This is a perfect remote/keyboard/mouse for your Home Theater and HTPC/Media Players. Works well with Android and Windows Media Center and XBMC. Read Review

Logitech K400r Keyboard Mouse Logitech K400r - Excellent Home Theater combination of mouse and keyboard. Reliable and full QWERTY keyboard, with a mouse toucpad make this an excellent replacement. Read Review

Wireless Networking

HooToo Wireless N Repeater HooToo Wireless N Repeater - A fantastic solution to your spotty Wi-Fi. Get Wi-Fi to those hard to reach areas in your home or office. Read Review

IOGEAR NetShair IOGEAR NetShair Portable Wi-Fi Router & USB HUB - If you are looking for something that will turn your hard wired connection into Wi-Fi, then take a look at the review for the NetShair Link. Read Review

Alfa Network Wireless N Long Range USB Adapter Alfa Network USB Wireless N Long Range Adapter - Alfa Network has a great long range USB wireless N adapter that will be sure to enhance your home Wi-Fi and grab a strong signal in barren areas. Read Review

Wireless Accessories

G910 Bluetooth Gamepad Controller G910 Bluetooth Gamepad - G910 is a Bluetooth Gamepad controller that can be used with Android, iOS, and PC. The gamepad has a modern design, much like newer consoles. Read Review

Torchstar LED Music Controller Torchstar IR Remote RGB LED Music Controller - This is perfect if you own an RGB LED strip light. Host parties or enhance your gaming experience with the music controller. Read Review

SecurityMan IP Network Security Cameras Wireless IP Network Security Cameras - Read Reviews

Bluetooth Bluetooth Speakers - Read Reviews

Wireless Live Streaming HD

Cerevo LiveShell Pro Cerevo LiveShell Pro - In such a small design, packs a lot of power. This small device allows you to broadcast live either wireless or wired and has a battery option for mobile usage. Read Review

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